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  • About “On How To Be Happy”

    “How to be happy?” That is the question. Here’s the answer: Be happy now, in this moment with who you are and what you have. Forget your own happiness and strive for the happiness of others. The bad news is… there is no quick route to this simple sounding vision. Unhappiness is not like a [...]

  • Little Self – Big Self: The Illusion of Control

    Why can’t we just be happy? For that matter, why can’t we control any of our emotions? If I’m sad, can’t I just stop my feelings and see the bright side? The reality is that we don’t have as much control as we might think.  We tend to think of our thoughts as being our whole being [...]

  • I’ll Be Happy Later: Needs and Flawed Predictions

    The fulfillment of our desires will make us happier; a new house, car, dress, kitchen, bathroom, curtains, boat, bike, hat or phone. Right? It follows that a richer society will be happier and that measures of wealth will indicate overall happiness. The same “needs met equals happiness” assumption is true for non-material things; a new [...]

Built On Sadness

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. ― Rumi Is sadness simply a response caused by the troubles in our lives? Or has sadness evolved as a painful yet important adaptation? Is there some hidden purpose to our suffering? Evolutionary psychologists are identifying many reasons why sadness is “built-in” to who we [...]

Sad Ain’t Bad

Why Are We Sad? There is as much sadness as there is happiness, as much light as dark over time. Even the happiest soul has a measure of sadness. The emotion is shared by every culture on the planet. The same recognizable expression is seen in the faces of babes and blind people, who have [...]